Stockton Student Rentals


Have Questions? We Have An Answer!


I am interested in renting a house from Stockton Student Rentals, LLC.  What is the process?
1) Take a look on our website at our properties, contact Dan for availability via email at:, or text/call : (609) 412-4165.
2) Once you find a property your group likes that is available, each future tenant must fill out an application 
3) If your group is approved, you’ll submit your first month rent payment as your non-refundable deposit which will then be applied to your first month’s rent.  This can be sent altogether in one sum, or individually.  
4) Your group’s lease will be produced at the same time, and emailed to each tenant to sign via DocuSign.
5) After we get done signing the lease, we’ll email everyone copies of the lease.  Then we’ll send a “Parental Guarantee” to each of your parents for them to sign via DocuSign, which is the Co-Sign form.
6) Lastly, your security deposit will be due exactly one month prior to your group’s move in date.  Your security deposit is 1 + 1/2 month’s rent.  This can be sent altogether in one sum, or individually.  
7) REMEMBER – Be prepared!  If you think you want to rent one of our places, have your group ready and organized and call our office immediately. The time you spend getting your group together is the time that someone else may be renting your place. Please remember that it is our policy to NOT “hold” houses while people assemble their groups.
When will we know which houses are available for the following school year, and can we set up a walk through?
We usually have a good idea of what’s going to be available by the middle to end of October each fall semester.  Our current tenants get the first shot at renewing their houses again in October for the following school year.  To see the inside of one of our houses, call or text Dan @(609) 412-4165 to set up an appointment to tour the property.  We need at least 24 hours to give the current tenants notice that we are coming over.
Why do we submit a deposit with the lease signing?
This is a good faith measure that you aren’t going to change your mind about living there.  This deposit is non-refundable, and you will lose it if you do change your mind after signing the lease.
Who has to sign the lease agreement and deposit form?

Gutentor SimEveryone who is going to live in the house must sign the lease.  In addition, you will need to get one parent per person to co-sign the lease in the form of a “Parental Guarantee” Co-Sign form.  

Do one of my parents need to co-sign my lease?

Yes, one parent needs to be your co-signer.  We realize that in most cases the parents are the ones paying for the housing, so this is an additional level of protection for us. 


Is our house furnished?

No, our houses do not come furnished.  You have an open canvas to create a space unique for your group!

What about utilities?

Your group will receive a list of utilities ahead of move in.  It is your responsibility to call and ask for that specific utility to be setup in your name on your move-in day in advance.  Never ask for any utility to be shutoff before or after move-in and move-out.  We pay for lawncare, trash/recycling, and sewer for all our houses.

When can we move in?

Your move-in date and time will be printed clearly on the front page of your lease. We have many units to prepare for move in during theJune/July/August turn over season, so moving in early is usually not an option. However, it can’t hurt to ask.

How do I pay my rent?

We are working on an online portal for tenants/parents to make rent payments to be uploaded onto our website.  In the meantime, this link will be sent out individually to each tenant.

Can I pre-pay my rent?

Yes, you can prepare your rent.  Schedule this with our office in advance by contacting us. 

Can I use a 529 Plan to pay for Off-Campus Student Housing?

Many of our residents use their 529 Plan to pay for their student rental. Please consult your 529 provider for specifics of what they require for disbursement (such as completed Lease copy)  Our office can provide further documentation if needed. Email:

I currently rent from you guys at Stockton Student Rentals LLC, and would like to renew my lease.  What is the process?

In the Fall, we send out a letter asking for your group’s intention to renew.  October is renewal month.  Current residents of the property have priority to renew their lease and stay in their current property.  A new updated lease will be sent over via DocuSign for all parties to sign.  If this is not completed by Nov. 1st, we will open up leasing to other groups.  Please contact our office for more information. 

I am a recent graduate, can I rent a house as well?

Yes, we rent to many undergraduate and graduate residents!

Are there additional costs for laundry and parking?

No, all of our houses come with a washer and dryer, as well as parking for our tenants!


It is actually very rare for our homes to be infested with pests.  Pests typically stop by for one reason and that is for food.  If you clean up your garbage and wipe down your floors that will help prevent ants and rodents.  If you call our office complaining about bugs or rodents and we find that your housekeeping, or lack thereof, is the reason you are having problems, your group will have to pay for the exterminator’s visit up.

Attic and Roofs

Tenants are not permitted to go up into, use, or onto the roof or Attic of your rental house or safety reasons.

I have signed a lease, but need to now be removed and exit the lease.  What is the process?

There will be additional paperwork that needs to be filled out. You are still contractually obligated to the lease and your group until a replacement has been found and a new lease is executed.  Rent payment is still due each month until a NEW LEASE is COMPLETED to replace yours.  Viable replacement(s) must be accepted by the roommate(s) in order to sign a new lease.  Once an acceptable replacement is found, the replacement tenant and their parent/financial co-guarantor read the lease, the replacement tenant must submit an application, and then sign the required paperwork/lease via DocuSign.


What day and time do we need to be moved out of our house?

Depends on your lease.  Your move out date is printed clearly on the first page of your lease.  All leases end at 10am on the final day of your lease.

Do we have to clean the house when we leave?

Yes. The house needs to be cleaned, including kitchens, bathrooms, stoves and floors. If you have carpets, they must be professionally steam cleaned. Please leave the house empty. Do not leave anything behind including clothes, cleaning supplies, canned food etc. You will be charged for removal of these items.

Can we leave furniture behind when we leave?

No. We will charge to remove the furniture.

When will we get our security deposit back?

Your security deposit will be returned within 30 days of the end of your lease.  An itemized list of deductions will be included with the check.  If you decide to trash the house on the way out, we will take photos and send them to both you and your parental guarantor, so please return our house the way you found it!

What are the most common security deposit charges?

Missing Keys. (Make sure you leave all bedroom keys in the lock when you leave or turn in to us direct.)
1. Lack of Cleaning.
2. Stains and Cigarette burns on carpet.  
3. Missing or destroyed appliances.
4. Major scratches on hardwood floors.
5. Anything that ruins the paint job on the wall.
6. Garbage, personal items and furniture left behind.
7. Repainting rooms a loud bright or deep dark color that was never repainted back.